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2023-2024 CCHS Swim and Dive Team

2023-24 CCHS Swim & Dive Team Captains

CCSD 2023-24 Captains.jpg

Front row (Left to Right): Faith Clark, Lilly Soillis, Chloe Reynolds

Back Row (Left to Right): Noah Jina, Alexander Sproule, Noah Caruso

Thank you to our Alumni Captains from 2022-23: Iola Chen,

Sebastian Casimiro-Nunez, Jason Lu, Lindsay Mingolla, and Arden Trudeau

CCHS Swim & Dive Coaching Dream Team

2022-23 CC Coaches.jpg

Amie Hebach (Fitness Coach), Lisse Winstanley (Assistant Coach), Andrea Kakas (Assistant Coach), Jerry Moss (Assistant Coach),

Cathie Petersen (Former Assistant Coach) Matt Goldberg (Head Coach), and Kim Donovan (Diving Coach) (left to right)

Not pictured - Jon Grayzel (Strength Coach) Jenny Wolf (Assistant Coach)

Thank you to Kate Renyi and Jon Straggas for all of the incredible pictures they have taken that capture the athleticism of our many CCSD athletes. 

Photos are available to view at and

16th Annual Concord - Carlisle Masters Swim Meet Fundraiser

Congratulations to all of our master athletes and thank you to our CCSD coaches, athletes

and parents who helped to make this swim meet an all-around success.

Masters Meet #16-5.jpg

Celebration of our CC Swim & Dive Team seniors along with our participating

masters swimmers who graduated from high school 50+ years ago and continue to

model the benefits of swimming as a life long sport.

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