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What is the pre-season high school swim clinic at Beede?

There are two pre-season swim clinics that are run as part of the recreation programs at The Beede Center. Although they are not officially part of the CCHS swim team program and do not involve the high school coaches, many of our athletes participate to get in shape for the season. Sign up for these clinics is usually in early September. Look for specific information in the Concord Recreation brochure or on their website.

How do I find out more information about joining the CCHS Swim & Dive Team?

There will be a parent informational meeting at the high school in early December to welcome new parents and answer any questions. Look for an announcement in the Daily Bulletin.

How do we get information about events and fundraisers?

The CC Swim and Dive Team members maintain their own Facebook page where they post information about fundraisers, changes to events or practice times, or team social events. The captains are elected before the season begins and they are the main contacts and organizers of this page.

How do parents get information during the season?

The coaches or the board communications person will email information about practices, meet schedules and ordering apparel. Swimmers are responsible for communicating to their parents about fundraisers and social events discussed on the team Facebook page. If you would like to be added to the FOSD parent email list, please send your request to

What do I do if my child is sick and needs to miss practice?

It is tradition and the expectation of the coaches that swimmers, not parents, communicate directly with the coaches about missing practice due to illness or other conflicts

What are the team social events?

The team captains organize various post-practice breakfasts and team dinners. All team members are invited and freshman are encouraged to participate.

Who is FOSD?

Friends of CCHS Swimming and Diving (FOSD), is a parent - run (volunteer) non-profit organization officially recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 organization. 

Do parents need to volunteer?

We ask that all parents volunteer to be a timer for at least one meet during the season. Sign-ups will begin via Signup Genius after the first parent meeting. The first parent meeting is generally held in October or November, prior to the season start. Dates will be posted on this site and shared with the Captains. A small orientation and training meeting is held for new volunteers at the beginning of each meet.

What does FOSD do?

FOSD supports the team through fundraising for swim team expenses not covered by Concord Carlisle Regional School District. This includes assistant coaches stipends, swim supplies such as stop watches, the maintenance of the electronic scoreboard, touch pads, and starter systems. FOSD also subsidizes the cost of the year end banquet and senior gifts and provides organizational support to the coaching staff by coordinating volunteers at meets, communicating about team schedules and events, maintaining the website, and organizing the year end banquet.


CCHS Swim & Dive FAQ

  Board of Directors 

  • PRESIDENT: Lauree Cameron Eckler

  • TREASURER: Chris Renyi

  • SECRETARY: Melissa Carr

  • COMMUNICATIONS: Adriana Casimiro-Nunez


    • Lauree Cameron Eckler

    • Melissa Carr

    • Adriana Casimiro-Nunez

    • Chris Renyi

    • Candace Root

    • Patricia Turrettini

  Contact the Board at 


CCHS swims and dives as part of the MIAA Dual County League. We provide a summary of the rules, but also encourage you to visit the MIAA website: MIAA Swim & Dive Home Page

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